Err. Really, this website is just a little dookie I made for keeping track of time. I don't know, there's something cute to me about having a counter for how long you've been with your S/O.

Who is I?!
My name's Yapi and I'm a dumb romantic, nawmsayin.

How I do dis?!
I hijacked someone else's hard work, LOL. But fret not, it's fine as long as I credit them. Basically like, 4-5 years ago or so I tried to figure out how to make a code that'd count the days, hours, minutes from a specific date. Not a count-down, but y'know... uhh, a count-up. Lol...
I stumbled upon this blog post and did a lil bit of tweaking (added year counter) and uhh IDK other minor shit.
So yeah, basically I ain't know SHIAT!! I'm but a leech sucking the blood from actual coders, uhuhu...

You wants one?!
I mean, of course you're 100% allowed to hijack my concept like I hijacked the code, LOL. Nobody's stopping you. I really only made dokiwatches for my friends, but if you're interested in having me slap one up for whatever reason, uh... Hm. Idk, I'll figure something out. TEEHEE.

Boopi // Habu // Kaersner